the beginning…

In the beginning, there was a Prius. Bob and Mimi happily used their Prius to haul around all their camping gear and bikes.  After retiring their day jobs and having lots more time to travel and mountain bike, Bob and Mimi had the idea to buy a camping trailer – it was cheaper than the $400,000 house they almost bought in Morro Bay, California!

Bob was committed to finding a trailer that they could pull with the Prius. Most of the information he found and the people he talked to said it could not be done. But Bob believes it can be done. And Bob and Mimi intend to do it.

We are Bob and Mimi of Eco Trailer Traveling. Follow our blog to learn how we accomplish our dream. We will share our adventures and what we learn on the way as we travel, along with travel tips and advice for economical traveling with a small vehicle and a light trailer.

Tomorrow’s post will be a flashback from last December and January when we decided to buy a trailer and some of the thinking on our decision about which trailer to buy.


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