here comes the gravel

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  1. Andrew Hurst & Robin McGee says:

    Thanks. A few new questions come to mind: 1) are you planning to use aScanGauge II to monitor your two motor/generators? According to what I have read, these are the main parameters that need to be watched when pushing a Prius to the limit, to prevent catastrophic failure of the drive system. With the real time feedback on the gauge, you will be able to tell when things are getting overheated and you can slow down or pull over accordingly. 2) Have you made any enquiries regarding your insurance coverage should an accident happen that might be blamed on the unrated tow combination? We will be calling our insurer to check this. 3) I’m not sure where you are located, but are you planning to “Eco Trailer Travel” through the Winter or wait until Spring? (I am eager to get some real world feedback on the combination!)

    This is all kind of exciting to contemplate, there are not many opportunities left in this world for being a true pioneer!

    All the best, Andrew & Robin


    • eastender43 says:

      Yes,the scan gauge is probably mandatory,even though I hate the distraction of additional instrumentation …you are correct re tranny temps,etc…PS..change your tranny fluid ..

      We pick up the 1743 November 20,tow it back to Wisconsin,then we leave for our annual winter on St John,and will be back by April.Then we are planning a short trip south til May,and then I will be installing a water heater/furnace,etc,before we do a fall trip somewhere.

      Thanks again for your interest!And my very best to you about the VW news?Ha!Glad to have a Prius!


  2. Hello, you are “Priusing” us with your Alto thoughts and actions! My wife and I each drive Prius and have been enjoying them since 2004. We also fell in love with the Alto, first the retractable roof, then the fixed. We put a deposit last month on a 1743 that should be ready for us by next May. We have also been going in painful circles trying to figure out what to do for a tow vehicle. It is so hard to go back to fuel sucking after so many years of fuel sipping! I had decided on a VW Sportwagen TDI as the best compromise, but got scared off because of the warranty issues with towing, the very complex smog management systems that are required with the diesel, and friends and neighbours’s stories about ongoing maintenance problems with their VW’s. this Saturday we are going to test drive a Mazda CX-5 , the most fuel efficient vehicle we could find that is actually rated to tow 2000 lb in North America. I had toyed with the idea of pulling with a Prius, but other than one guy in Texas, I could only find other owners cautiously pulling much smaller trailers with theirs. Now that I have read your story, I am warming up to the idea of fitting up our 2013 Prius at Can Am. It is already past warranty based on kilometres travelled. Please keep posting your results and experiences. How much did the Can Am set up cost? Did they add weight distribution or sway control? What about air bags in the rear springs (that’s what the guy in Texas uses) Thank you for blazing the trail and best of luck to you! Sincerely, Andrew and Robin, Port Williams, NS


    • eastender43 says:

      Thanks very much for the positive is refreshing in this world where most think a giant tow vehicle is the only way..We considered The VW sportwagen as well…lately the owner feedback and extremely expensive parts have dissuaded us,plus the injection issues,and diesel,is normally 25%more$.
      The Prius was so capable towing the 1743 that I was laughing at myself for worrying about it.In the POWER mode it accelerates easily to 120K..we averaged 27mpg pulling,including some full throttle tests..the Prius does not have a conventional CVT Tranny either;it uses planetary gears,which in theory,with routine oil changes,should be better than CVT pullies/belts..only time will Tell! I have no fear about that though,as so much of life can be wasted worrying about imaginary events that never occur.
      CanAm is building a custom 2″receiver hitch for $600.It then incorporates their $800 WEight distribution setup,and is welded to shorten the length.This crucial for handling and Andy stated with confidence the hitch will equally distribute the 240 lb tongue weight evenly to all 4 wheels
      IE,it will add 55 pounds to each wheel.No suspension air bags needed with a Good WDH..yeah This was expensive,and I could have welded one myself,and got the WDH for $500 online,but this is so convenient to have them do it,so.$1400 total..I closed my eyes and did cannot buy a 2″ receiver hitCh for a Prius,and the expertise of Andy is worth ALOT.they will build the hitch while we get the 4hr instructional at some point you just got to trust that they will do it right..They certainly have the experience,and I doubt you would get anyone in the US to do this.
      The pic we have posted shows the TEMPORARY stock hitch in use!which is why the trailer looks un level!The new hitch will have it looking correct and proper..

      Our prius has already lost 150lbs due the removal of the rear seat,seat backs,mid console and hardware,and the Prius has the additional benefit of a CD of 0.25,lowest of any production vehicle.

      In short,I believe the Prius is more than up to the job.We pick up our 1743 Nov.19 and will report the results then.

      Thanks again for your kind and supportive comments!


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