What kind of people are we dealing with?

Fair question…

when you tell people you are going to tow with a Prius they get all emotional,excited,worried,fearful…well,at least Americans do..

but it is one of the tamer activities I have done in this life..

I started towing with a 1968 SAAB 95.It had a V-4 motor that made about 65 horsepower,and a 4 speed on the column..I pulled a trailer with 3500 lbs of white oak from Minneapolis to Milwaukee on the interstate..it was not a fast run,but I made sure it was WNL..within Normal Limits..I used this car to pull a 800 lb trailer loaded with 3 motorcycles to races throughout the upper Midwest..without incident.I raced on dirt,then on road courses like Road America,and Brainerd Intl Raceway..I did six races every meet,back to back..get off one bike,and onto another,line up,and go wide open down a mile long straight into the banked  turn one …race 40 minutes,get on the next bike,do it again..only faster..

during this time I was a Respiratory therapist..if you are trying to die in the ER,I am the one they call,every time..I get there before the Doc does and she/he expects me to keep them alive until they get there..this requires a certain kind of calm attention to detail that you either have ,or you find another field with less serious consequences related to negative outcomes.Fear is not helpful here.Infact I would say it would probably be a real detriment to making the kind of decisions that dissuade the dying from passing out of this life..

And sometimes all I could do was yell “you are not going to die”.That didn’t always work either,but my point is that staying calm and in the moment is vital whether towing,racing ,or just handling a glass beer bottle over a tile floor.

We both rode sport motorcycles (ninja,R6)into our 60’s..I used to go 140mph almost every day on my 65 mile daily commute on lonely country roads..

currently,we both ride mountain bikes over terrain that is rated double  black diamond,or IMBA Epic,blasting past blaze orange signs that say CAUTION,and trusting our instincts to avoid mayhem..

bob is currently ranked #1 nationally in  cross Country riders 60-65 cat 2,by USA cycling..just saying that to let you know who you are dealing with,right?Mimi rides a Trek Fuel with 120mm travel and was on the podium at the Chequamegon Fat Tire 40.

what does all this have to do with towing a trailer?

if you have to ask,you need more help than I can offer..I could explain it to you again,but I can’t understand it for you.

thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to What kind of people are we dealing with?

  1. Andrew Hurst & Robin McGee says:

    November 20 is coming up fast. Is everything still a go? We are very eager to hear how your return journey goes, so I hope you will post an update before your winter getaway. We are also hoping that you can send some photos of the custom hitch receiver installation that Andy installs for you. Best of luck! Robin and Andrew


    • eastender43 says:

      Yes indeed,barring a big snow storm!I will wire transfer the balance due Monday,so we are then Paid in Full..If it does happen to be nasty winter weather we have the option to wait until we return from St John in April,but we are totally planning on November 20.Brake controller installed,17×21 carport ready…looks like a go!I will certainly post up after the trip.


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