WTF?Why tow with a Prius???

Some people think we are crazy,or irresponsible,or worse…for towing an Alto with a  2011 Toyota Prius…

It’s not just about using a small car to tow…it is about using what you have!I recently read a book about traveling across America…using a mule team pulling a covered wagon,titled “The Oregon T rail”.These guys have courage..then you think about the original travelers of the original Oregon trail,and suddenly it seems like we have turned into a bunch of losers and pussies….

But The real story here is why pull with a Prius? We could afford to buy a Lexus hybrid if we wanted to..too easy!..the real story here is we already own a car capable of pulling the Alto 1743!Will it pull it up a 27% grade for 2miles? No…we won’t go that way..but meanwhile the Prius solo gets 52 mpg average,and 70 with a tailwind..

We are not in a big hurry when we pull..60-65 is fine,and last trip we had a bit of a tailwind,and we saw 73 once,and got 25.8mpg,on the interstate ..

yeah I know,gas is cheap,but we also saved $30-40-50 K by not buying a new tow vehicle..and this car just gets it done…impressively..

and I mean often do you tow?I could not see owning a vehicle that gets crap mileage when not towing…seriously,you buy a vehicle just to tow,when only a small portion of your actual use involves towing?What about the rest of the time?Why own a dedicated tow vehicle?

so the real reason to tow with a Prius is ..we can,we already own it,it works,and the rest of our driving gets 50+ mpg!

If you do everything the easy way,pretty soon you get a soft brain and a big belly,and the really tough things seem impossible,and you become the walking dead..and everything seems scary and threatening..

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