the good and the not so….part 2

Still good:  Mountain biking at Copper Harbor is A-Game mountain biking. Hands Down! My friend Darcy and I participated in the Copper Harbor Ladies Clinic, which ran from 11 am on Friday through 2 pm on Sunday. It was an excellent clinic and I was happy to be there.  I was back on my bike after nearly two months off, first due to a (planned)Photos Library trip to Ireland, and then due to an (unplanned)  injury I suffered in an over-the-bars incident on a washed out trail in Vermont. With help from Chiropractor sum-laude Dr. Ridge Benedum of Health Partners in Highland Park, MN, I made it to the clinic and was able to ride!

Bob and Darcy’s husband, Doug, rode the trails while we were at the clinic and they returned to the table each evening worn out,  with tales to tell. One of the stories is about a trail with the apt name of ManPants. Yes, as in strap on some. This trail requires a full-face helmet and pads, and more guts and skill than our group can muster, but after Bob and Doug camped out there without seeing any riders, we all hiked in the next day and did the same. We were rewarded first with seeing a woman ride the B-line very nicely, and shortly after, a guy with his man pants on, just killing the A-line on this trail. Nice work, Dude, whoever you are!

Bob and Doug also brought kayaks and went out on Lake Fanny Hooe, a beautiful clear lake off the campground, and on Lake Superior. As a bonus, the weather for all the days we were there was perfect! Lucky us.

Copper Harbor is a laid-back and fun little town. Jamsen’s Bakery and Fish Market is down by the water and highly recommended,  for the excellent doughnuts with thimbIMG_6247.jpgleberry frosting and the bilberry muffins, as well as the fresh-caught lake trout. Once camped, there is no need to use the car. The mountain bike trails, the town and the beaches are accessible by bike trails.

The week before the trip we purchased a small traveling grill . We tried out our new Weber Q1000  on the lake trout  with excellent results and on subsequent nights for chicken, veggie burgers and flat-bread pizza with equally good results. Happy with the new grill.

For the most part, our trailer worked out well. The refrig kept the food cold, stove and sink worked great and the bed is comfy. Windows, shades and screens flawless in use.

To be continued, Part 3, the not so good, a few problems we encountered with the trailer – not the most fun to write about, but our troubles may help someone else and we do have at least two issues that will need to be addressed with the manufacturer.


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