another 300

imageSpent another five days mountain biking at Cayuna, near Crosby, Minnesota. This is a quick trip for us, just about 300 miles round trip. We were favored with a tail wind on the way  and averaged 145 miles at 24.5 miles per gallon!

The weather was great, the biking fantastic. So fun to jump into one of the crystal clear mine lakes that dot the area after a hot ride.

Portsmouth Mine Lake

No new issues with the trailer, thankfully, since the older issues aren’t fully resolved yet. Not much help from the manufacturer on the malfunction of the CO detector. We were basically told we have the newest one they have available and to leave a window open.

We had electricity at this campground, and we did not fill the trailer water tanks as we had close access to running water and hot showers. Ahhhhhh!


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