81 degrees out November 1 & 2 in Nashville, Indiana! How lucky can we be, and a fantastic mountain bike venue to boot. Big smiley face!

Bob on Bobcat

The trails are tough – the beginner’s trails here Are no joke, and intermediate would be advanced at many places. Advanced is some hike-a-bike for me and expert – well, I didn’t go there 😉 

Just a little abrasion to keep things real

 Brown County State park was improved by the CCC during Rosevelt’s era and some of the buildings and foundations still stand. (Sorry if this post looks weird- I am publishing on my iPhone- will fix when I get to Wifi$ 

Mimi ready to impersonate Danny MacAskill (sorry Danny, just kidding)

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2 Responses to summer?

  1. Thanks so much for your blog! I’m in love with your Alto – looks like that might be my new “dream machine” for mountain weekends with our two little girls. I’ll be following, with special interest in your technical details and towing successes! Safe travels and best wishes from Colorado!


    • Mimi says:

      Thanks for your comment. We are loving the Alto, too. Ours can sleep 3, but there is a bunk bed option that you can look into for sleeping 4.


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