rest days

Even with our enthusiasm for riding, we can’t ride everyday. On rest days we usually visit nearby towns, cities or tourist attractions or take a hike. Or do the shopping, wash or chores around the campsite.

On Friday, we toured the nearby  Savannah Rapids Pavilion Park on foot, seeing the Savannah Canal and locks, touring the canal keepers historic home and then hopping on our bikes to ride the gravel, flat greenway trail along the canal. About five miles down the trail, we actually did find a surprise mountain bike trail off the main path – we were without gear or helmets even , but we ducked in and rode it anyway. It was better than we expected- short (a couple of miles loop) and punchy, with nice river scenery in spots. 

We went into Augusta on our only rainy day to date. There is a downtown Riverwalk we wanted to walk, but the rain proved too much for us at the time. It was chilly, with a steady rain and poor visibility. Instead we ducked into the Augusta Museum of History and spent a contented afternoon there, brushing up on our southern history. 

And yesterday, we found a Costco 20 miles away, where we stocked up on a few items, and re-upped our beer and wine supply. Thinking about space and the weight of storing extra items, we came home with a conservative buy, and after   stowing, realized we could have bought more for the fridge and freezer. It is bigger than it seems. The freezer works great, so we felt able to buy a large portion of steelhead trout to cut into 5 meals and freeze. We cook that on our little weber grille, which is working out very well. Salad greens, tomatoes, apples, yogurt, bread and bagels, eggs, cheese, pasta, beans, rice , potatoes, nuts, always some chocolate, sliced turkey for Mimi and pancake mix round out the pantry. We do need to find a source for good veggie burgers and more protein. 

We also cleaned the trailer by sweeping, then wiping down the interior and floors, and washing the by-now rain spotted windows. We used a spray bottle with soapy water to wet down the windows, then wiped with a soft micro-fiber cloth, sprayed off with the hose, and then dried with a dry micro-fiber cloth. Much better! 

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