Beach day! 

A little chilly in the am by Manatee Lake

A little chilly in the am by Manatee Lake

Gerry the trailer, had to travel an hour west for the weekend, as the 30-site Alafia was supposedly full for Friday and Saturday nights. Here is a good time to insert a peeve: people who reserve and pay for campgrounds who don’t show up and who don’t bother to call and cancel so someone else can have the spot. Of course, the campground was not actually even anywhere


Manatee Lake

near full for the weekend (confirmed by our new friends from Ohio,  Jimmy and Rick, who were there throughout the weekend.)

Manatee Lake State Park, near Bradenton, did have space for us. Right by the drag race track, it also had some sound effects. The dammed lake is beautiful, with lovely trees, although the dam prevents manatees
swimming into the lake, where they used to be seen.

We went swimming in the ocean – twice in one beautifully sunny and warm afternoon at the public beach on Anna Maria Isaland . A magical day. We just could not leave. We took a chance on the beach cafe for dinner – well, we actually asked an obvious   local first who said he eats there all the time, excellent and to get fish tacos and eggplant fries.  Next we set up our chairs by the surf and  saw the sun set over the horizon, and it was all in all a “thankful to be alive” day.)

(We did our laundry on the way home in a coin laundromat. Chores still must be done, and the little things, like clean clothes, are big, big, big on the road;)

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