YAY!!!! Excitement!! It doesn’t take that much but here it is: You may have noticed a flurry of posts, most of the trying to catch up from our dataless regime and the additions of some pictures to the blog. I bit the bullet (where did that expression come from?)  and went into a Verizon store, where I bought a jetpack and a block of data. This allows our computer and ipads to go online as if on wifi, but through the 4G network as data. Pretty cool. This is be ok as long as we can get cell service and in my trail usage of yesterday and today, it seems to work very well. When there is no service, this obviously will not connect us.

Here at Santos, we are close to town, and our service is fine. Alexander Springs, where are to park next for approximately 6 weeks, is more remote, so we will see. My cell phone signal extender I ordered from Best Buy is ready to pick up, but I refuse to go out into the shopping areas on a weekend near Christmas, so either early tomorrow morning, when everyone is at church, or Monday morning, I will run in to pick that up. Report to follow.

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