sweet dreams


Little home away from home, at Alafia State Park

Yeah, it is going ok. The bed is comfy. We use a bedroll as the base, made by sewing two sheets together, with a velcro closing, and put it over a cut-to-size thick polyester-stuffed bed quilt. We roll this up during the day, and roll it out at night. If the night is 47 or colder (that seems to be our threshold) we bring out the zero-degree sleeping bags and just use them. For the warmer evenings, which so far we have been blessed with her in mid-Florida,  we use a sheet and a lightweight king-size quilt.

So far we have been in temperate weather and have been plugged into power. That will end, but for now we run a small electric heater on low, with the sink/stove window cracked or open (depending on temp) and the Fantastic fan open and running at 25-40%. The interior has been dry without condensation in the mornings even on some pretty humid and foggy nights.

The trailer puts up a pretty good barrier between  surroundings that at some campgrounds may be chaotic, so even on a busy night we don’t thrown right into it. With a radio in the evening, and some earplugs at night, it beats a tent for both warmth and sound insulation. Ahhh, YAWN. Going to go snuggle in soon. Having lots of good sleeps in our little Alto.

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