shhh, don’t wanna jinx it

The weather has been simply amazing this entire trip to date. Of course it can’t last like that forever, darn, but warmth and sunshine are my friends. The weather has been above average in temperature most days with a few chill nights thrown in. Keep it up, weather!

We are still at the Santos campground and trailhead for another three nights. We have met some great people here – Joe and Katie from West Virgina, like-minded and another good rider for Bob to hang out with. Keith and Nancy from St. Augustine pulled out today, but again you couldn’t meet two nicer people. They gave us all kinds of tips on the area, and even offered their driveway to us if we ever want to boondock in their town.

I got in 15 miles on the trails, appreciating the abounding beauty and Bob and Joe did some of the tricker trails at the Vortex and Miller Mile. It was 82 degrees at 3pm, feeling like 86 with the humidity. No complaints here.

It has been a while since I have foraged any mushrooms. It has been too dry and we’ve hardly seen any, but today I found some perfect oyster mushrooms on a log in the woods. Those will be incorporated into dinner – we just had a veggie stir fry the other night they would have veen perfect for. Maybe with some pasta for tonight.

Off to get a warm shower and relax. See you next time!

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