Last day at Santos

Merry Christmas week from the Santos Trailhead and Campground!


We have been at Santos for two weeks tomorrow, the maximum stay allowed. It has been a good place, better during the week than the weekend, as seems to often be the case. We love that we can jump on our bikes and be on some very ridable trails. The trails range from a fairly tame romp through freshly-scented pine forests followed by tunnels of old growth trees laden with manes of Spanish moss, to meadows of bright green palm fans reaching expansively towards the sky. These trails include zippy areas of twists and turns, with rocks and roots thrown down to keep a rider alert.

The intermediate trails step it up a notch, more to power up and over in areas, still very flowy. The expert trails are ridden more slowly – Lots of rock picking, short steep climbs along ledges with nowhere to go but down the side if you have a miss. Even  through I hate uphill climbs, I love a long downhill that rewards you after it, and they don’t have much of that here. I am not a “trick” rider, so playing on the ramps, jumps and wooden structures basically just scares me. There is lots of that here for advanced and fun-loving riders of that sort. Bob is having fun on some of that, though, and has met some pretty exciting challenges.

Tomorrow we pack up and hit the road for a short hour’s trio to Alexander Springs Recreation Area. This will be our first extended experience without electricity or hookups, so that will be reported on after we see how that goes.

Peace and joy to all this week, and may we all find ways to show love and kindness  throughout the year.


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