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Add these mountain bike trails to the list: The Paisley Woods Trail that can be ridden right from Alexander Springs and the trails at Chuck Lennon Park, about a 12 mile drive from the park.

The Paisley Woods Trail is a nice winding trail with very few elevation changes. One section is an enclosed thicket, perhaps the best part of the trail. Soil is sandy, but not deep and a good exercise in riding sand. You can get some pedaling in on this trail as it goes for 11 miles out and 11 miles back.

The Chuck Lennon Park Trails  surprised us with the degree of technical skills required for many of the trails. The easy trails were a moderate challenge, with roots and twists and turns and some humpy-dumpys. Racoon Ridge, an intermediate trail was a blast on the second time through for Mimi, when she rode all the quick downs, ups and arounds, with a few bridges and ramps thrown in. The first time some of the features were a bit intimidating and required some scoping out. Bob, who can handle a bigger challenge, went back into conquer Red Panther, which starts off with a steep descent that will quickly turn back less skilled riders (or should – there was an injury while we were there when a rider launched off with abandon without thinking through a better plan of action.) An awesome  local rider named Trace and a couple of his buddies, handed out some tips that proved very worthy for successfully riding the trail. Bob’s verdict: Panther is a must do!!

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