on our own

The little Prius and I are on our own this month, meaning the trailer is parked and won’t be towed around with us. Bob is off to the island to take care of business, and I am left behind (by choice.) Adventures will be the of the 50 mpg sort this month.

I took advantage of the trip to the Orlando airport to make an early morning visit to watch the sunrise at Canaveral National Seashore. It was a little tough going in the dark – the signs are not visible and I had no idea where I was going. I ended up bumbling into the employee entrance security gate of the Kennedy Space Station, but I evidently didn’t look like too much of a threat. The guys joked with me, and turned me around into the right direction.

And what a sunrise it was!


National Seashore Sunrise








An absolute pristine environment, lined with sea grass and dunes,  the Atlantic side of Florida has an entirely different feel to it than the Gulf side – wilder, more untamed. And let me tell you, the no-see-ums, or whatever they actually are, started biting me after the sun came up, were wild. I tried walking them off and getting closer to the water. Even though I was fully dressed with jeans, socks, shoes and a long-sleeved shirt they  tormented by face, head and crawled up and down into and through my clothes. Every silver-lining has it’s cloud.

My paddle board was in the car, but the waters were too rough for paddling here, and chased off by the gnats or whatever they actually are, I set off to find a spot to launch the board. The seashore road has inviting inlets and backwaters, but there is no parking or launching along the entire stretch. The one road that leads to a boat landing was closed due to unsafe conditions, I believe a casualty of the recent hurricane.

A little further down the road, I did find a county park that looked promising for paddleboarding (see photos.)

A park worker pointed me to a good place to put in and warned me to stay away from the bushes along the side – alligators. Ok, then. I got the board in and enjoyed a beautiful paddle, before hitting the road to get back to my little home away from home. Another good day. (This post is back-dated for accuracy of when this day took place.)


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