Tampa Ikea

The Tampa Ikea is a field trip in and of itself on a chilly and rainy day. This will likely be a boring post, but Ikea is a good place to look for organizers for a small trailer. The store is set up, if you don’t know, so you must  trip through the entire store. First you go through the show rooms to see the products as they would look in complete finished rooms, from bathroomimg_1747s, to living rooms, studies, bedrooms for all ages and kitchens. Then you go through the shelves of small items, putting them into your cart, then onto the larger boxed items, which may need a dolly to move. Then through the checkout, and voila – you now all own these fairly cheap, Euro-designed (which I like the look of) and often quite colorful things to improve your living space! Did I mention I do like Ikea? I know some don’t but it appeals to me.

This is a good place to find organizational containers, and I found some new stuff for the trailer. Some very lightweight. white (reminiscent of the brand Corel) dishes, cheap red/white dish towels, a gray-striped on one side, sold gray on the other, zipped quilt cover for our bedding, a couple of memory foam pillows and an awesome, lightweight table lamp for the table. I also found some felt storage containers to help organize Bob’s clothes, which has been a bit problematic because I have some drawers in the little closet and he has been using the under bed storage. These bins match the trailer decor and can fit right between the seating space/bed area at the end, or to get them out of the way, can slide into the under seat storage.

Definitely do pick something up if you see it, as Ikea has a 365 day return policy – and, take my word for it, if you see something on one day, it might be gone the next.

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