Prius towing saga….onward (and southward)!

Our trip-ometer turned over 1000 and stopped at 1049 miles today, shortly before we pulled in for an overnight stay at the friendly WalMart in Clinton, TN. The miles went by at 21.9 miles per gallon, including a couple of mountains in Kentucky where we were faster than the semis. 

It is convenient that many Walmarts allow overnight parking. It’s for when you just want a place to eat, sleep and get up and go again the next day. Oh yeah, and do a little shopping. Walmart, as we know, is no dummy. Actually,  I went for over a year without setting foot in WalMart. How far I have fallen! We usually call ahead and ask if they permit overnight parking, and ask where to park. You can usually see a few semis and other trailers there, too, so just go where they are. Hopefully, the overnight guests leave promptly in the morning before the store’s busy hours and leave no trace. We know of at least a few WalMarts who have stopped this perk because of abuse of the privilege. 

Our first WalMart of the trip was in Bloomington, Il, and we also spend two fanastic nights at Brown County State Parkin  Nashville, Indiana, where the mojntain biking was superb, and certainly deserves it’s own post. Soon. 

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