Brown County epic!

The newest trail at Brown County State Park is a series of  two thrilling, rollercoaster downhills, full of twists and turns, jumps and berms alternated with two sustained climbs. The trail is superbly built – if you stay focused and on track, your bike will know what to do. But don’t let your mind wander or you may be off the course, and control your spoed or you may be more airborne than you want. The sign at the trailhead includes three skulls and atronly recommends that riders roll features the first time through. Good advice, I think, as some of the tabletop jumps include two tables and if your skill level is lacking, again, you could be in so e serious trouble. But, for riders like me who don’t jump, riding with controlled speed let’s you have a ton of fun, rolling and swooping the berms and rolls. 

Lots of room to camp here, as well. The spacing is pretty close, and the park does get busy. It was autumn leaf season and they also have a big Halloween campsite decorating contest and a party for the kids, so Halloween weekend is full. A reservation on the weekends through October is mandatory, and during the week you would more than likely be ok calling from the road. The bathhouses are clean; hot water lukewarm at best for the showers, toilets were well-stocked with tp and clean. 

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