shower time! (review of the alto shower)

We have been shower-in-the-Alto avoiders. We usually stay in campgrounds with showers, and we use those for the most part. Our stay in Hendersonville to date has been on a private landowner’s trailer site that he generally rents by the month to tenants who live here in their rigs. We snagged a stay here, as he was in between renters and is a really nice guy! We have had the luxury of full hook ups – electric, warer and sewer. But no campground showers.

So…..we had to break in our own shower. Bob previously replaced the stock nozzle with a nicer shower head type sprayer.  The one that comes with the camper is wimpy. The shower curtain pulls out for a storage unit behind the toilet and a cover fits over the toilet. When the curtain is pulled around, it protects the wall, medicine cabinet and door.  A major concern was that it would take forever to dry the curtain and the bathroom – not so, we are happy to report.

While the shower runs, we flip the switch of our instant-on hot water heater which was custom designed our friend Doug, and installed into the front storage closet by Bob and Doug. The water is toasty! We run the fan on high speed and crack side window to keep steam and condensation from forming in the cabin. Works! Slick.

Then we dry the floor with a towel, and keep the bathroom door open for a while. The shower curtain dries out quickly – I am not even sure how it manages. Some type of wonder material. It would be nice if the shower curtain were removable, but it essentially would require a lot of time and effort to do so. A flaw in the design, I think. Although taking a shower a confined space  is never that easy, it works and it’s pretty nice.

And we do need to take showers, in large part due to the rides we have been getting in here! We are talking real mountain, rugged stuff. Stream crossings. Dusty or muddy gravel roads.  Leaf covered trails. No custom grooming or leaf blowing happening in this area. What is out there is what you get. And one thing you do get is dirty!


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