Bent Creek Experimental Forest

We moved the Alto today to a new campsite. We are now at Bent Creek Experimental Forest right outside of Asheville. House hunting finished, we have a week and a day until closing, so we decided to take a vacation of sorts. Camped right by the Bent Creek tails, the closest biking and hiking trails to Asheville, we can bike from our campsite. It is so quiet here, and we can take a shower at the campground – a bonus.

The mountain bike trails at Bent Creek are popular and well used. The parking lots are fairly limited, so they fill up quickly especially on weekends. However, once you are out on the trails, the trails never seem crowded. The exception would be the trails right off the Hardtimes Parking area. Many hikers and runners start out from there, as well as  mtb’ers, so it is a bit congested. Once you spread out from there, you are good.



The trails are fun and the scenery is terrific!


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