catch up if i can

The thing about blogs is trying to keep up with one. We don’t have the internet for a few days here and there, the days get busy dawn to dark or a sudden health situation arises that essentially erases a week of your life. Ahh, but those conditions don’t apply today, so there is no excuse. Truthfully, there is often no excuse. I get lazy. I get complacent. I get behind.

Over the past several weeks, we have towed little Gerry another four trips of 18 miles to Hendersonville, 144 miles from Hendersonville to Hamilton Lake State Park in South Carolina, 321 miles from SC to Anastasia State Park in Florida, and then from there to the Santos Campground in Ocala for a trip of another 90 miles. Our total Winter 2017 trip is now to 1,779 towing miles and we are still averaging about 22 mpg when we tow. 

Well, that updates our current location. Dry facts is all you get today, and again, with best intentions, I hope to carry on soon with some posts of more substance.

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2 Responses to catch up if i can

  1. Susie says:

    Please email if you can! Hoping you are still in the area. I’m driving through Ocala on the way home from Atlanta tomorrow the 18th and the campground is right off 301. Not sure exactly how blogs work so hope you get this. Hoping to see an Alto before ordering. Thank you!


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