food, glorious food!

I remember singing that in a musical production in college ( yes, with a whole lot of other people so no one could hear me – trust me, that’s a good thing.) And, speaking of food, I was recently asked, “What do you eat while on the road?”  With one vegetarian, smaller storage, fridge and cooking space, fewer utensils, pans and conveniences, we try to eat a lot like we eat at home, on a simpler scale.

Facilities include a two burner gas stove, a portable gas one burner for making morning coffee outside, a small dorm room size refrigerator with a freezer and a small microwave. We store a medium size frying pan, saucepan, small egg poaching pan, a stainless 4-cup french coffee press, toaster and a waffle iron (worth another post to share our experiences with waffle iron recipes.) A few dishes, utensils, sharp knife, can opener, spatula, grater and that’s about it.

The pantry consists of pepper, sea salt, olive oil, spray oil for the grille, seafood rub, teriaki sauce, a mexican spice blend, italian blend, oatmeal, rice, pasta, honey, peanut butter, coffee, balsamic vinegar, beans, sweet potatoes, granola, trail mix,  bagels, bread and a few convenience packaged foods such as Indian lentils, precooked rice, mashed potatoes and canned tuna. The fridge is always stocked with eggs, greens, Greek yogurt, butter, cheese, tortilla, jam and some sort fresh veggies that keep well (like onion, carrot, broccoli, musrooms, peppers) and fruit, like apples, oranges or berries.

We generally omit the Costco trips due to storage space, but we like Ingle’s when in the south, switching to Publix when more toward Florida and lean toward the sales to keep costs down. And although I managed at one point to go for a whole year without setting foot in a Walmart, in rural areas that is sometimes our best bet for stocking up on a few pantry items. We also like to check out the local health food stores and markets.

We also love the farmer’s markets and generally try them out in each area, if the season is right. And yay, the season is always right in Florida. On Saturday, at the lovely Farmer’s Market in Ocala, we picked up fresh swordfish, apples, a mango, red pepper, summer squash and broccoli. There was some amazing looking bread and bakery, but we were already stocked at the trailer and that’s the sort of thing you can’t buy too much of.

As in all aspects of life, some days are better than others. We have gone several days with peanut butter on bagels for lunch! Here is our menu from the last two days, and yes, we were on a pretty good roll, having just been to the market.

Day 1, Breakfast: coffee, scrambled eggs, a tangerine, yogurt.

Lunch: (we usually get our own based on what we have) I had a salad, crackers and garden cream cheese.

Dinner: grilled swordfish, grilled veggies (red paper and summer squash) and whole grain bread on the grill.

Dessert: We almost always have some cookies and Ghirardelli chocolate squares on had.

Day 2, Breakfast: Oatmeal with apples, dates and cinnamon.

Lunch: Yogurt with granola. Bob probably had a peanut butter and jam bagel.

Dinner: Stir fry with tempeh, broccoli, red pepper, carrots and spinach with whole grain rice.

Dessert: the usual 😉

We don’t  spend much time or money in restaurants, but we will often go out once every couple of weeks for a break from cooking and a change of pace (we rely on word of mouth from the locals), or have a beer at a brew pub after riding our bikes.

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