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WTF?Why tow with a Prius???

Some people think we are crazy,or irresponsible,or worse…for towing an Alto with a ¬†2011 Toyota Prius… It’s not just about using a small car to tow…it is about using what you have!I recently read a book about traveling across America…using … Continue reading

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St. John winters..

Are very nice indeed..high 85,low 78,breezy,water temp 84,little rain,lots of sun,and 65% of the island is National Park.. It’s where we go every winter for about 4 months…to get a different perspective on everything,and see what is alive in that … Continue reading

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The Prius Challenge…Finding NeverLand

Tuesday at 930 am,we left for Chicago under the pall of unending rain and rained continually from Baldwin,Wisconsin to Chicago..and at times it rained really hard,and I was glad to have 4 new tires and Rain X on the … Continue reading

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Seventeen tons of rock,and a carport,the AltoPad

So it took awhile to get the seventeen tons of traprock the way I wanted it,and the steel carport arrived sooner than I had imagined,but the crew did a great job,the thing looks strong and the reviews said it held … Continue reading

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What kind of people are we dealing with?

Fair question… when you tell people you are going to tow with a Prius they get all emotional,excited,worried,fearful…well,at least Americans do.. but it is one of the tamer activities I have done in this life.. I started towing with a … Continue reading

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Bob’s notes on Prius trial pull with Alto 1743

Andy Thompson,owner of CanAm RV is extraordinarily knowledgeable about towing Euro style…using lighter vehicles with custom hitches and weight distribution hardware.Check out his articles in some of the national Caravaning magazines. …still the 2011 Prius was an unknown,as it is … Continue reading

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