Gerry is home!

Ready to roll out!

Ready to roll out!

Touchdown on the Alto pad! Gerry* is home safely and parked. I can’t let this day go by without mentioning that. A whirlwind of a few days, with some interesting travel experiences, has put us at Can-Am RV Center to pick up our trailer and has seen us home safely. The Prius met the challenge of towing into a steady 20 mph wind with gusts up to 40 mph! Car and trailer both handled impressively. In response to reports of a snow storm forecast of up to 10 inches of snow over our travel route, we were able to have the trailer exported a day earlier than planned and we traveled over 13 hours of night-driving (thanks to Bob!!)  non-stop to get home.


Undoubtedly, at some point after recovering from the big drive, Bob will be weighing in with some of the more technical details for those wishing details about the Prius hitch set-up and towing experience.

Until then, we are so glad to have the long wait for the Alto behind us! Welcome home, little Norm n’ Gerry!

*Our Alto’s name is Norm n’ Gerry.  We call her Gerry for short. She is named after Bob’s parents, Norm and Gerry, two wonderful people, who worked, saved and sacrificed over their entire lives. Their dedication to hard work made our purchase possible. We thank them and and honor their memory by naming our trailer after them. We promise think of them with love and gratitude as we enjoy our travel experiences.



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