gearing up

for the first trip of the season – and the maiden voyage of the trailer (not counting the trip back home from the dealer in November.) The weather has been less than welcoming for our first couple of weeks back home, and although it would have been nice to get to somewhere warmer, we had a lot to do here after being gone all winter. Weather checks also showed stormy and dangerous weather to the south that we would have been driving into.


Levis Mounds mountain bike trails are open!  The weather is looking good for that area next week and there is camping at the trailhead. Perfect for our trial excursion. There won’t be electric, so we will be relying on our battery and gas. The propane line for our ProCom heater, a free-standing unit with a thermostat,  isn’t installed yet, but we plan to try it our first to see how we like it.

Off to recall how to de-winterize and set up the unit for travel, and to do some packing and organizing. Getting excited and will be back with updates soon.



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