Officially Nomads

On the road. Heading South.

First stop, 300 miles down the road to Sussex, Wisconsin, to see the grandkids and spend the night. The trailer, loaded with everything we need for the winter, pulled great and we got 23 mpg, with a slight tailwind part of the way.
It was trick or treating in the hood. A cute red dragon and an elephant trolled for treats.

 We stayed behind to welcome the neighborhood goblins.

Would you leave this man alone with the Halloween candy?

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4 Responses to Officially Nomads

  1. Daniela says:

    I am just an “follower” and we don’t know each other 🙂 I love your venture spirit and tossing all the “NOOO it can’t be done!” to the wind (Prius towing…). I have a question, have you ever been stopped by police because they questioned if it is legal to tow you trailer with the Prius. AND are fellow Prius drivers stop and want to know more about towing with the P? Happy Halloween 🙂


    • Mimi says:

      No and yes! I think the police already know it is not illegal to tow with any car – it is just the car manufacturer ratings that don’t rate them as such – in the U.S. In Europe you find a different story. And yes, we have had many curious about the Prius and trailer combo – both amazed and just ‘cuz it looks so cool 😉


      • Daniela says:

        Thanks for your insights 🙂 Yes, looks very look! Coming orig. from Europe (Germany) I was always amazed that in the US you “can’t” tow a trailer with a reg. car. But on the other hand, they let you. That is cool 🙂


  2. Darcy says:

    Love that picture – beer and candy, Oh Bob! We miss you two already.


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